Friday, 16 November 2012

Off to NYC: What I can't wait to see

Next month I will finally be doing something I have long dreamed of - I'm going to the Big Apple! Being December it will be lovely and chilly - maybe even snowy - so it will feel like "proper New York", and I can't wait to wrap up warm in the multicoloured patchwork scarf my Nana knitted me when I was 18, and stroll the streets of Bleecker et al.

The reason I'm going to New York is to meet my boyfriend, who has been travelling in Central America for the last two-and-a-half months. We had planned to go to New York at some point, and no time felt like the present. And luckily for him I'm already making a long list of jewellers I'd like to visit while there.

Among those is Catbird - a jeweller whose site I love to click on to now and again to coo and want over, well, almost everything it sells. I adore its tiny letter rings and am tempted to get N & Y as a little souvenir, or maybe even a little heart.

Of course I can't go to New York without dropping in to see Alexis Bittar. The don of Lucite, and the jeweller that has fuelled my little obsession over the past few years for his colourful bangles. I own about 15 now, and the last two were purchases from the boyf the last time he was in NYC, so I cannot wait to add one (or maybe two!) more.

I've also been told that Barneys jewellery dept is a must-see. Forget Saks, Macy's, it's all about Barneys and of course its charismatic creative ambassador, the English-born Simon Doonan, who continues to work wonders at the store. Its jewellery collections are right up my street - delicate, tiny diamonds, pop colour stones and organic shapes, just like this Sara Beltran necklace.

Greenwich Jewelers also looks worth a look. It has a stunning in-house line, the Greenwich Collection, with some truly gorgeous jewels made from slices of stones, and some fabulous clashing jewellery such as the agate and cognac coloured quartz bracelet. It also stocks my favourite fine ring designer, Anne Sportun.

Of course no trip will be complete without a trip to Tiffany & Co.. At least to stand afore the window and have my photo taken. I am a tourist, after all...