Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A little something... Stephen Webster Mosquito Ring

So tomorrow - apparently - will see the launch of a limited edition mosquito ring by cult British jewellery designer Stephen Webster. Though he is making an impressive white gold, ruby and black diamond version (below), a silver replica will be available on, meaning all of us jewellery lovers can have a slice of the action. The silver version is likely to sell out within hours; it's £50 price tag makes it a hundreth of the price of a typical Webster Crystal Haze ring, most of which retail up to £5,500.

18ct black rhodium plated white gold Mosquito ring, set with cabachon rubies and black and white diamonds. 
By Stephen Webster, for Malaria No More UK.

Of course, beyond its recession-busting price tag, there's an important message here. Proceeds from the rings go towards Malaria No More UK, a charity dedicated to protecting African children from Malaria. Each £50 sale buys 10 mosquito nets - enough to protect 20 children for five years.

Black rhodium plated silver ring, set with red and white crystals. 
By Stephen Webster for Malaria No More UK, at

My love/hate relationship with Webster and his various designs means that this little venture has put him in my good books for the next few weeks. Which is good, as I'm involved in a launch party for his silver Jewels Verne collection at the end of October - something I am in fact rather excited about!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

A little something... Ed Banger Records necklace

So it's my birthday soon, and the one thing I've wanted for a looooonnng time is a SebastiAn tshirt, because he's quite possibly my favourite artist on French electro record label Ed Banger. Of course, on the official Ed Banger merch site - Cool Cats - they're continually sold out... So imagine my excitement when I spotted a 30" sterling silver chain, complete with Ed Banger shield pendant? Yeah, it was pretty astronomical.

But it was sold out, natch.

Sterling silver Ed Banger Records shield necklace, exclusively sold through As modelled on a certain Pedro Winter. Props.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

A little something... L.O.V.E

My gorgeous friend and jewellery designer Lindsay Pearson makes oh-so-pretty, feminine jewellery with an elegant vintage feel. Right now she's enjoying a 3 week trip around California, but just before she left, she sent me these snaps from her most recent 18ct collection.

18ct yellow gold 'love' stacking rings, by Lindsay Pearson

The ring spells that one and only word; each letter is on an individual stacking ring, designed to fit  snugly on top of one another. It would be lovely to have a bespoke one - something Lindsay would certainly do. She also makes single letters, if you'd prefer your own initial or that of a certain someone special.

18ct yellow gold 'love' stack ring, by Lindsay Pearson

Check out more of her gorgeous jewellery, including her necklaces (which are to die for) here.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

New Designer: Aroha Silhouettes

I stumbled across Aroha Silhouettes earlier this week, as my eyes devoured the yummy bits and bobs on Not Couture (or NotCot, as it's also known). I did a double take at a pair of unusual earrings, which, interestingly, I now understand is the aim of Aroha's jewellery. It makes you stop, look and go 'oh, I see', because cleverly Aroha have taken those optical illusions that had us baffled and cross-eyed as kids, and turned them into minimal, graphic jewellery designs.

'Confined' optical illusion steel earrings, by Aroha Silhouettes. Photo courtesy of

Aroha appears to be a one-woman jewellery venture - a 26-year-old known as Tania, based in Vancouver. Her own blog explains she's been in business for just over a year, yet Aroha seems to be gathering strength already, with an Etsy shop and a host of other retailers. But let's stick with what's important - the jewellery.

Tania's designs are made from recycled vinyl records and steel, both of which I'd imagine are laser-cut. The results are 2D designs which appear 3D. Optical illusions become accessories, channelling a magical, myserious vibe, not to mention one's inner geek. Her design repertoire is already sufficient - it also includes stacks of books and prism-like cubes - but there's definitely plenty more for Tania to play with... I'll be sure to keep an eye on what comes up next!

'Succession' vinyl necklace, by Aroha Silhouettes. Photo courtesy of

'Succession' necklace, as above. Photo courtesy of

'Conform' vinyl necklace, by Aroha Silhouettes. Photo courtesy of

'Bermuda' optical illusion steel earrings, by Aroha Silhouettes. Photo courtesy of

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A little something... ahead of the weekend!

I'm all a bit excited... off to Bestival tomorrow! As a result our flat is a bit of a mess; clothes, sleeping bags, wigs, wellies... So this little brooch (another gem by Marie Liddell) kind of says it all! K x

Wood 'Circus' brooch by Marie Liddell (aka Haberdash House), at Hannah Zakari. Image courtesy of Hannah Zakari

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Theme: Acrylic Treats

Ever since I first discovered Tatty Devine back in the early 2000s, I've always had a bit of a thing for acrylic jewellery. The material's versatility makes it great for laser cutting even the most complicated of designs, while maintaining an air of affordability and novelty.

Of course, you can find acrylic jewellery just about anywhere now; Topshop, Claire's Accessories... It's hit the high street big time, no doubt due to its colourful, fast fashion malleability and the fact that, whether you're 15 or 35, you're bound to find something acrylic which appeals.

Down at @Work on Brick Lane, there's a great selection of quirky acrylic jewellery, featuring animals perhaps less obvious in jewellery design. Forget birds, bees and dogs - how about a camel or goat? Maybe even a whole circus... Jewellery graduate Marie Liddell's Haberdash House label is home to the beauties, below.

Black acrylic camel necklace on gold plated chain, by Marie Liddell. Image courtesy of @Work

Red acrylic circus necklace, by Marie Liddell. Image courtesy of Hannah Zakari

Online boutique Wolf and Moon also specialise in acrylic designs, this time a little more detailed and certainly aimed at a particular market. I have to thank my boss, Jos, for showing me Wolf and Moon's designs - I adore the chair, below, in a fresh peach acrylic. And who can resist their namesake wolf and moon brooch? Not me, or my boyfriend... and certainly not those hip young things wondering east London wearing something like this.

Peach acrylic chair necklace, by Wolf and Moon. Image courtesy of Wolf and Moon

Black wolf and silver moon brooch, by Wolf and Moon. Image courtesy of Wolf and Moon

 A quick glance at Tatty Devine reveals an exciting new AW collection, complete with mitten earrings, pierrot clowns (my favourite!) and mother-of-pearl button designs, inspired by London's Pearly Kings and Queens. Luckily Tatty Devine's ever-expanding 'Best of...' section contains all of the pieces synonymous with their style, from their earlier plectrum collection, right up last year's Lolita-inspired heart shaped sunglasses necklaces. Here are two classics...

Pink acrylic cat bangle, by Tatty Devine. Image courtesy of Tatty Devine

Gold dinosaur acrylic necklace, made from individual 'bones', by Tatty Devine. Image courtesy of Tatty Devine

Finally, because I've seen acrylic heart rings, faux diamond rings and farm animal rings (which are, I admit, cute), I can easily say Inca Starzinsky's designs are something else. I first found them in Magma Books' lifestyle and homeware shop in Covent Garden and every time I wander past, I find it  rather hard not to have a quick peek. Her pieces are inspired by the making of hand-shadow animals, and each ring box contains instructions to help you make them yourself. So fun!

Black acrylic hand-shadow animal rings, by Inca Starzinsky. Image courtesy of Magma Books