Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A little something: Hanging out with Yael & Tal

Yael & Tal is a playful jewellery brand founded only last year by Israeli jewellery graduates Yael Serfaty and Tal Salomon, who created a collection inspired by the way photography captures split-second moments, but that I adore for its sense of the everyday.

When I saw their work the phrase that came to mind was 'hoi polloi'. Not because I thought low of their designs but because they gave me a sense of the banalities of life - something rarely celebrated in jewellery. Whether it is a lone figure eating lunch on a park bench, a person sitting thinking about life or cosying up with their other half, I'm intrigued by the strangely voyeuristic feel of their jewellery.

It makes me want to take a closer look, or invent some kind of who, what, where and why story for the little characters that feature. In fact, it's like you're wearing the Borrowers.

Friday, 20 April 2012

A little something: Ruth Tomlinson diamond rings

Uh oh. I've been bad again and left it a little while since last blogging. But BaselWorld, teamed with coming back to Professional Jeweller with WatchPro now a standalone magazine has meant, naturally, life has been mad busy. And I hate to admit it, but I like my weekends away from the computer after all week, 10 hours a day, in front of one...! Phew.

So, let's talk about jewels. Look at these lovely little rings from London-based jewellery Ruth Tomlinson. She's known for her delicate use of porcelain, creating rings with petal-like, bell-shaped porcelain charms that tumble from them. But the move into 9ct and 18ct gold natural diamond-set rings is a good'un. And I love them; for their disarray, their muddled feel, the haphazard yet delicate way the stones are set. Gorgeous.