Monday, 26 January 2009

Like Gold Dust

So I guess I should introduce what Like Gold Dust is actually about. After all, you're here reading this now, so you very much deserve to know more!

Like Gold Dust - a phrase used to signify a desirable object's rarity - is a term that I felt encompasses everything to do with jewellery - the focus of this blog.

I don't want to follow the supposed chronology of a blog, instead I want to use this space to introduce, admire, interview and, most of all, show-off just how brilliant the jewellery industry in the UK is today. This won't mean that I only focus on British talent, as I know I will write about designers from around the world, but it does mean that I'll be able to expose some of our best home grown talent - be they graduates emerging fresh faced and full of ideas, or well established designers who deserve a mention for their stunning work.

Currently, I'm in the last few months of an English degree, but I have worked with jewellery for the past six years, both in my home town of Bath, and my current home, London. From my early days of soaking up every page of Retail Jeweller magazine and the then J-Dex (now The Goldsmith Magazine), I have steadily noticed a gap in the online market for a regularly updated, varied space, devoted to to the designers, the trends, the changing scene, the shows and the sparkle.

Seasonal trends, themes and, as above, the possiblity of interviews with various jewellery designers, will all be part of Like Gold Dust's progression. So watch this space - I hope you're truly dazzled by what you see!

Kathryn x

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