Thursday, 26 February 2009

Show: Desire Jewellery & Silversmithing Fair - 6th-8th March 2009

Just thought I'd leave you with a quick reminder that next week sees Desire jewellery fair come to Richmond upon Thames in south-west London.

The fair - which focuses on UK talent - promises "an unrivalled choice of contemporary jewellery"; us consumers have the chance to meet the designers face-to-face, to discuss commissions or to buy on the spot (which might be hard to avoid!).

18ct gold and diamond rings by Kate Moncrieff

Silver honeycomb necklace by Stephanie Ray

With pieces to suit any budget, the fair promises an array of gorgeous sterling silver, gold and platinum designs, alongside mixed-media pieces featuring paper, acrylic, glass and much more.

Entry is £4 and the fair is open 10pm -5pm. Click here for more details and directions.


  1. What a shame I have missed it! Do you know of any others coming up? I am a novice silver smithers (is that the right word) in the Hampshire area.

  2. Hi sorry for my delay in replying...!

    Luckily London Coutt's jewellery week starts next week aadn they've got loads of events lined up (Google 'Coutts jewellery week')

    Otherwise there's regular gemstone and jeweller fairs happening all over the country - similarly google 'rock and gem show'.

    If you can make it to London easily Craft Central and Cockpit arts often hold 'open studio' days/weekends where you can meet designers and take a look at their jewellery in their workshops/studios

    Kathryn x