Sunday, 15 March 2009

Coming up: What to look out for on Like Gold Dust

So today has been one of the most sunny days this year - enough so that I was out of bed at 9am and wandering around Victoria Park in east London by 10am. This gave me a bit of a chance to think about my up and coming ideas for Like Gold Dust, so I thought I'd give you readers a bit of a run-down of things coming up in the next few weeks..

Interviews: The next month should see a few more interviews, look out for chats with Lindsay Pearson and Hannah Bedford.

Designer focus: Alexis Bittar anyone? Your chance to read a bit more about America's jewellery darling, among others.

Trends and Themes: goodness knows what will be 'in' next month, let alone this week. But I have a few in mind... and look out for the introduction of a 'What are you wearing?' section, where I'll be stopping those lovely jewellery wearers and taking a quick snap of their pieces for LGD - so we can discuss or simply adore!

So, drop by soon - and keep reading!

Kathryn x

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