Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Designer: Sarah Herriot

I met Sarah Herriot at last month's Desire show in Richmond; a friend of mine who was also showing told me to go and take a look at her designs - and I was suitably impressed. Following a decade of teaching herself how to design and make precious jewellery, Sarah's past and present collections reflect her unique style: heavy, yet wonderfully sculpted pieces with an air of longevity. It's no surprise that her designs have won her several awards, most notably the IJL sponsored Fine Jewellery Award at 2008's Goldsmith Craftsmanship & Design Awards.

Her recent collections feature fabulous, egg-shaped rings and long, chunky pendants designed using a CAD programme, which translates the designs from the images in Sarah's mind to the pieces adorning her client's bodies. The Manhattan and Twist and Shout collections are bold and intricate - they speak of hours of hard work and are superbly eye-catching.

Her technical bangles are also a success. Using the tension of the metal, the mid-section 'clicks' in and out of place, allowing the wearer to take the bangle on and off with ease, whilst creating a clean, smooth surface whilst it's on. With such mindful design, the awards are thoroughly deserved.

Working from a studio in Clerkenwell, London, Sarah is currently partaking in Future In The Making, a programme endorsed by the LDA which provides 12 jewellery designers the brilliant opportunity to expand and develop their businesses. It'll be interesting to see what else Sarah can develop into precious metal - and I have no doubt that, whatever it is, it'll be as daring and as beautiful as her current collection.

If you can't make it to London to see her pieces, Sarah's designs are also stocked at FSDS in Rottingdean, near Brighton and the Polkadot Gallery in Exeter.

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  1. That last ring is so unbelievably beautiful!