Monday, 7 December 2009

A little something: 'Hello' from around the world

Aaaah. Hannah Zakari has drawn me right in again! Not that I'm complaining of course; just that every time I dare to take a little peek on her site, I end up spotting something I love. This time, lots of pretty pieces sure to raise a smile and hopefully a 'Hello' or two back: jewellery by She Draws. The multilingual 'Hello' studs and matching necklace are a must for anyone doing a bit of European travelling, or even walking down any busy London street where a hundred different languages can be heard... What's more the studs are only £6! A little Xmas present to self? Bonjour, vous serez très très chic!




All designs by She Draws, images courtesy of Hannah Zakari

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  1. how odd! I just did a post on She Draws like 5 days ago. That's really neat. great minds think alike.