Monday, 4 January 2010

Like Gold Dust is ONE!

A quick one tonight, just to announce that - seeing as it's January - Like Gold Dust is one year old! I'd like to think things have progressed a little since my first post in early 2009, sitting down and umming and ahhing over where to start...!

But here we are! So maybe a little treat to self is in order? With fabulous sales across London's jewellery favourites (EC One, Tatty Devine, Astley Clarke, Kabiri etc.) there's definitely a few things on my wishlist. For now, though, I'm enjoying the thought of celebratory tea and cake, with thanks to Louise Buchan, and New York's Anna Sabino. Yum!

Gold ceramic teapot, on 9ct gold chain by Louise Buchan

Sterling silver cupcake necklace, by Anna Sabino at Lucid New York

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