Thursday, 18 March 2010

Designer: Wendy Brandes

Admittedly, I have some genius workmates. They're an endless source of inspiration, who keep leading me to fabulous websites of fabulous jewellers, that (I hope) equal fabulous blog posts! Today is Wendy Brandes, an American designer introduced to me by my American workmate Maia, a London resident by way of New York, Boston and originally Vermont. Earlier this week she introduced me to Wendy's blog, a funny, witty read about the jewellery industry and her interesting clientele. But the jewellery is the thing that's really caught my eye. Inspired by 'fascinating women of past and recent history', Wendy's jewellery includes poison rings and lockets amongst other quirks and charms. Making in both silver and gold, her price range spans from a mere $50 to $9000 or more. Really, though, I should just let the jewellery do the talking...

Venus Ring, 18ct rose gold, with rose quartz and white diamonds, by Wendy Brandes. Image courtesy of

Silver Little Woolf necklace, in praise of Virgina Woolf. Image courtesy of

Livia Poison Ring, 18ct yellow gold set with a cabochon aquamarine. Image courtesy of

Queen Min Ring, named after the last (assassinated) empress of Korea. 18ct yellow gold and lemon quartz with hand-engraved crane detail. Image courtesy of

Eleanor Necklace, names after Eleanor of Aquitaine. 18ct yellow gold, with black onyx. Image courtesy of


  1. Thanks so much for this post! I'll link to you on my Facebook fan page :-)

  2. Any time! I was like a kid in a sweet shop! But seriously, I love how these women have been your inspiration, it's a refreshing change! Kx