Monday, 31 May 2010

Designer: Brokenfab

A few weeks back while doing some research for Adorn London, I came across Brokenfab jewellery (aka Fabienne Morel) a Swiss textiles designer now dipping her toe in the world of jewellery design. Drawn by the the mad, clashing colours I decided to have a closer look...

  Fabienne Morel, aka Brokenfab.

Taking her inspiration from African tribal jewellery and the colours, shapes and styles seen across London clubs, Fabienne's jewellery exemplifies popular culture through the unusual use of colourful, striking beadwork.

The jewellery is said to express influential musical genres in a visual, wearable form; dubstep, disco, electro, soul and detroit house. The shapes and geometry featured in the jewellery - triangles, zig-zags and criss crossing - allow Brokenfab's designs to clash and jarr, creating 'high-energy designs'. Pretty much in love with every piece she does; I'm especially drawn to the Rocket Necklace, below, something about the tassles and cute pastel colours... Aaah!

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