Thursday, 2 September 2010

Designer: Mabel Hasell

I spotted Mabel Hasell's jewellery at New Designers a few weeks back, and loved the way her pieces looked so haphazard yet beautiful, sharp yet wearable. Her jewellery plays with organic shapes of pewter, and solid silver randomly set with gemstones in a variety of shapes and hues, from violet and pink to royal blue.

Top: A smiley Mabel
Middle and Bottom: Mabel's Floating Gems ring

In Mabel's own words, "[they're] unorthodox pieces that emphasise the vibrant gemstones even more so than just setting them traditionally". Having trained in jewellery design at Middlesex University and graudating this year, Mabel's work exemplifies what I love about new jewellery design - it's quirky, it's wearable and will guarantee plenty of admiration! See Mabel's Flickr page for more images.

Top: Floating Gems cuff
Middle: Floating Gems Flat ring
Bottom: Floating Gems Flat pendant
All images courtesy of Mabel Hasell

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  1. Hi Kathryn,

    thanks for your email, was nice of you (: top 10 picked are pretty awesome, already voted for my favourite!

    LOVE Mabel Hasell's rings, would like nothing more than one on every finger! X