Monday, 29 November 2010

Stephen Webster: Seven Deadly Sins Rings

Last week I got to luxuriate in the headiness of high-end jewellery - being involved in the launch of British jewellery designer Stephen Webster's exclusive new collection - Seven Deadly Sins - at EC One in Notting Hill. This was the first time the rings had been unveiled in the UK, and the idea behind the collection is Stephen through and through - a little bit dark, a little bit playful; showing off the beauty and the atrocity of the theme simultaneously. The desire for Stephen's jewellery is reflected in these rings' exclusivity: only seven of each design will ever be made... And with two of the seven styles already selling out, the Seven Deadly Sins rings are in demand - despite starting at £15,000 and peaking at £125,000...

So here we have them: Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Pride, Sloth, Wrath and Lust.... and a few little snaps from the evening at EC One

Envy - white gold set with a central green tourmaline, black and white diamonds
Gluttony - white gold set with a central fire opal, white agate 'teeth' and rubies
Greed - yellow gold set with round brilliant-cut diamonds
Pride - set with a central emerald-cut amethyst in anodised titanium, with blue and pink sapphires
Sloth - yellow gold set with a cushion-cut aquamarine, diamonds and rubies
Wrath - rose gold set with a deep red garnet, rubies and black and white diamonds
Lust - white gold set with a central tanzanite and white diamonds

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