Tuesday, 28 September 2010

So much to do... So little time!

I know, that old adage. I've got a nice collection of things to write about but I swear the change in the seasons has left me feeling all a bit worn out recently... Nevertheless I'm feeling a new spring in my step, so good things will be coming Like Gold Dust's way very soon. Pop up shops? London Fashion Week jewellery? It'll all be here in the coming week! Kx

A little something: Holly Fulton earrings at Browns

I love Holly Fulton. Really, really love her. So naturally I've got some amour spare for these amazing earrings too.

Holly Fulton Perspex earrings. Image courtesy of brownsfashion.com

Thursday, 16 September 2010

New jewellery designers at IJL - International Jewellery London

What feels like ages ago now - waaaay back on 6th September - I headed down to IJL to take a tour around the new layout and have a good nose around the new jewellery designers showing this year. There was guaranteed to be some brilliant ones to watch, due in part to the Kickstart and Bright Young Gems sections of the show, both of which promoted emerging jewellery designers, fresh from or a couple of years out of studying. 

The Kickstart stand was fabulous - I got chatting to Daisy Knights who I first wrote about a year or so ago, and haven't seen for a few months, and was also pleased to see Momocreatura and Hannah Bedford who I've also given a little mention to on Like Gold Dust before. Alongside some old favourites were Jessica De Lotz and Akong London, two brilliant and boudary-pushing new designers who are definitely due a mention of their own here soon.

 Daisy Knights at her stand; her Lornie feather rings

Touring the rest of the stands at the show, I got chatting with Sophie Breitmeyer, at the Bright Young Gems stand, who has just entered EC One's 'Unsigned' competition for new graduate jewellery designers. Her gorgeous, sculptural jewellery caught my eye for its mix of shapes and textures; pearls, metal ruffles and chains... I was also pleased to see Hannah Livingston aglow with her recent award from Astley Clarke who are taking her under their wing as an emerging jewellery talent - her little box necklaces are definitely causing a well-deserved stir!

Sophie Breitmeyer at her stand, with her pearl necklace design entered into EC One's competition
Her gorgeous 'Archway Shoulder Necklace', below

Laura Gravestock was also her lovely smiley self, excited to hear from Swag jewellers who had an eye on her stunning Majestic collection, not to mention the fact this was her first year at the show with a stand all to herself! 

 Laura Gravestock at her first IJL stand, her classic 'Written' collection above

I also caught up with old favourite Becca (who was pleased to see me wearing my charm necklace of hers!) and had a gorgeous display, bringing her playful vintage-feel to the modern surrounds of such a contemporary jewellery show. Aside from her gorgeous new enamelled pieces, I adored her giant paper sculptures, made by her good friends and accessory designers Swash.

Becca with her vintage-styled stand and gorgeous jewellery (note the little dog and cross-bones necklace inspired by Becca's whippet, Pearl), and her irresitable little bird ornament!

A great show, with lots more that I could write about - if only I'd taken 100 more photos!! And many more people on my list to write about in the coming months - notably Phoebe Coleman, who I'll write about very soon, and new collections from ethical jewellery designers Oria...

Ps. Apologies for the really bad photo editing/colour - the light in there is super intense, teamed with the designer's own lamps it sends cameras a bit haywire!!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A little something: Adorn London goes Mad Men

Firstly, let me apologise for the delay in posting - have been at Bestival on the Isle of Wight for the past few days. I have a little write up about IJL that's now a week overdue (sorry all the lovely designers who I have written about, it's coming!!). In the meantime, head to Adorn London where this week's theme is dedicated to the fantastic 60s-based show Mad Men. Better dig out my tweed pencil skirt and pussy-bow blouse, yay!

Friday, 3 September 2010

A little something: Laura Tabor on ASOS

Tasty tasty... It's Friday and there's mega Friday feeling in the office today. Strong coffee, fudge from Devon (end of the holiday season, you see) and jelly babies. Continuing my good-enough-to-eat theme, which began with Boucheron's Ma Jolie ring a few weeks back, I've just stumbled across Laura Tabor on ASOS. I've been eyeing up her collection for a while - especially the Sugar Mice earrings - so it's a sweet treat that she's now on ASOS. Check out some of the goodies below...

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Designer: Mabel Hasell

I spotted Mabel Hasell's jewellery at New Designers a few weeks back, and loved the way her pieces looked so haphazard yet beautiful, sharp yet wearable. Her jewellery plays with organic shapes of pewter, and solid silver randomly set with gemstones in a variety of shapes and hues, from violet and pink to royal blue.

Top: A smiley Mabel
Middle and Bottom: Mabel's Floating Gems ring

In Mabel's own words, "[they're] unorthodox pieces that emphasise the vibrant gemstones even more so than just setting them traditionally". Having trained in jewellery design at Middlesex University and graudating this year, Mabel's work exemplifies what I love about new jewellery design - it's quirky, it's wearable and will guarantee plenty of admiration! See Mabel's Flickr page for more images.

Top: Floating Gems cuff
Middle: Floating Gems Flat ring
Bottom: Floating Gems Flat pendant
All images courtesy of Mabel Hasell