Friday, 18 February 2011

A little something: Katie Rowland's Satori collection

Katie Rowland is best known for her fashion-forward, triple finger St.Tropez knuckledusters of 2010 - giant gold plated rings set with hunks of neutral hued quartz. These amazing rings caught many an eye and placed Katie firmly on the fashion jewels map. 

For 2011 she's released her debut fine jewellery collection, made in 18ct rose gold and set with unusual diamonds which glitter with a 'cracked glass' appearance. The Satori collection has been designed with a particular Japanese teaching in mind: finding beauty in objects which don't fit the notion of perfection. For many, where a diamond should be inclusion-free, of the rarest white colour and well cut, Katie is turning both that idea and the diamonds themselves on their head, creating alternative fine diamond rings suitable for any savvy jewellery lover.


  1. These are wonderful, I love the unusual setting too, great work!

  2. What a wonderful piece!
    Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on your work!
    That's some really nice stuff!
    It's very sophisticated.