Friday, 20 April 2012

A little something: Ruth Tomlinson diamond rings

Uh oh. I've been bad again and left it a little while since last blogging. But BaselWorld, teamed with coming back to Professional Jeweller with WatchPro now a standalone magazine has meant, naturally, life has been mad busy. And I hate to admit it, but I like my weekends away from the computer after all week, 10 hours a day, in front of one...! Phew.

So, let's talk about jewels. Look at these lovely little rings from London-based jewellery Ruth Tomlinson. She's known for her delicate use of porcelain, creating rings with petal-like, bell-shaped porcelain charms that tumble from them. But the move into 9ct and 18ct gold natural diamond-set rings is a good'un. And I love them; for their disarray, their muddled feel, the haphazard yet delicate way the stones are set. Gorgeous. 


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