Monday, 7 May 2012

A little something: Dannijo get wild and colourful

I've just returned from a lovely few days in Barcelona with the boy, before which I  bought myself a striking neon orange T-shirt from H&M in the hope that it would be lovely and sunny, which it was, though I did worry that I might end up looking a bit washed out in a colour so bright... In fact the tee has ended up being a bit of a mood brightener. I'm wearing it right now and I feel all a-glow!

Anyhow, in Barcelona we did a lot of walking around, from the top of the city down to the beach and around the little backstreets in-between. Colour was everywhere: in the regal purple flowers that grew in the dusty parks, in the colours of the Gaudi souvenirs that spilled out of shopfronts and at the cheesy but colourful nighttime fountain display at the Font Magica de Montjuic, which drew crowds of thousands marvelling at its changing lights and effervescing water while they nodded - or in one or two romantic cases, ballroom danced - along to the classical music which played in time with changing jets.

In a roundabout way this brings me to the jewels of Dannijo, which have been on my mind for a few weeks and were cemented enough for me to want to write about them when I read a little feature on the brand while on the plane. The two sisters behind the company - Danielle and Jodie Snyder - combine their individual styles to create jewellery that is still hand-made in New York and always makes a statement. With the neon and multicolour all in mind, falling for their new collection wasn't hard. Just take a look at these jewels, which you can snap up in the UK at Kabiri, Harvey Nichols and Matches.

Top - Bottom
Delfine cuff by Dannijo
Rosie earrings by Dannijo
Lila ring by Dannijo
Roe necklace as shot on model by Dannijo (image: Kabiri)

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