Friday, 22 May 2009

What Are You Wearing? 001: Carley 19.05.09

So here is the very first 'What Are You Wearing?' post, where I'll be collaring friends, acquaintances or even strangers to ask them about their jewellery. Meet my first victim - chosen not only for her mix'n'match attitude to jewellery, but also out of convenience - my sister, Carley.

Carley's choice of jewellery can vary from day-to-day. One day she might be wearing a chunky costume jewellery ring, another day it might be woven friendship bracelets and stacked-up gold bangles. But one thing's for certain, it's always a mix of styles, metals and materials.

Here she's wearing a bracelet worn and loved for many years; a sterling silver Latham and Neve piece, with a little heart charm. I think she was given it around her 18th birthday - the lucky thing - by a very generous babysitting client! The ring is, I believe, my great-grandmother's wedding ring; it's 22ct rose gold.

Around her neck is Carley's much-loved 9ct gold horse necklace, an H Samuel bargain that she never takes off. This is her second horse necklace; the first was mine, which Carley sneakily lifted from my jewellery box, wore for several months and then lost. The current one, however, is exactly the same and was purchased by her friend Lewis either out of kindness or in an attempt to have her stop pining after it!
The stone-set ring is the newest addition to her jewellery box, a labradorite Medina ring by Monica Vinader. She spotted this in Bloomsbury Jewellery at Easter, when we were home to see the family; suffice to say she couldn't come back to London without it!

Apologies for the poor photo quality - we took about 20 and gave up to have another cup of tea!

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