Friday, 29 May 2009

What Are You Wearing? 002: Holly 28.05.09

This week's What Are You Wearing features Holly - and where to begin with Holly?! She and I headed for the bright lights of London back in 2006, after first meeting in sixth form. She’s a talented young fashion designer; bright, creative and a continual source of inspiration to me. Holly now finds herself living in Dalston and studying at London College of Fashion, where she’s currently mid-way through a degree in Women’s Wear. One thing’s for sure, she’s going to be a success; it's hard not to when your full name's Holly Woods!

Like me, Holly has jewellery which she wears everyday without fail. Most of these pieces are items she’s been given over the past few years, all of which have a sentimentality to them.
On her left hand she wears three rings. The ring on her middle finger and sterling silver and marcasite art-deco style ring, given to her by her mother for her birthday earlier this year. On her ring finger is a Zoe and Morgan ‘Love Lasso’ ring, from their current Who Loves Wins collection, given to her by her best friend Dale, purchased at London’s Beyond the Valley. The ring on her little finger was a present from yours truly; Holly explained ‘I always lose it but it always turns back up again’. Aaah!

As a treat to self – and because she has been one of Holly’s favourite designers for so many years – Holly recently purchased one of Vivienne Westwood’s rings. I’m really quite a fan of this piece; it has a certain air of ‘don’t mess with me’ about it and can be worn one of two ways. Holly usually wears it the middle finger of her right hand, but if I’m lucky she’ll sometimes ‘unfold’ it and wear it in its alternative knuckle duster style across three fingers. Love it!

Finally we have Holly’s necklaces. The longer chain is 9ct gold and features a 9ct heart-shaped locket, given to her by her old workmates when she left the job of her teenage years. In front of the locket is a large, circular gold toned pendant, with tiny pink roses etched on the front. I think Holly found this in a charity shop back home and, like the locket, has worn it ever since. The name necklace is 14ct gold and was a present from one of her elder sisters a few years ago on her 19th birthday. It’s so very pretty up close; not once has it left her neck in that time.

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