Monday, 8 June 2009

Just a quick one....

So I just logged on to Astley Clarke to check out the new additions to their site... and I was so astounded by the new Peacock collection by Pippa Small that I felt inclined to write a quick post.

The collection - which is exclusive to Astley Clarke - features fabulous 18ct gold peacock design pieces, set with shimmering labradorite. The stone was selected for its iridescent peacock-like colours; just one stone can vary in colour from deep grey, to vivid blue or even acid green.

18ct gold and labradorite Peacock necklace by Pippa Small. Photo courtesy of Astley Clarke

I adore labradorite, but sadly the Peacock collection is not recession-friendly; the 'cheapest' piece is a ring, at £2,200... whilst I did a double take at the price of the bangle - an eye-popping £14,000. Maybe I'll put it on my Christmas list... Christmas 2019, that is!

18ct yellow gold and labradorite bangle, by Pippa Small. Photo courtesy of Astley Clarke


  1. So beautiful! So unbelievably expensive!! I love the necklace the most!

  2. I know aren't they just stunning??!
    Pippa really seems to know how to make jewellery which has a slight organic, if not rustic feel, but which retains all the beauty and luxury of the stones and metal. Oh my, that sounds soppy!

  3. LOL soppy but very true (: thank you for linking to me! :D