Friday, 26 June 2009

Retail Jeweller... and beyond!

The last few weeks have been a busy old time, and ooops I've neglected Like Gold Dust again... My apologies! But things are back on track and, following the rest of my time at Retail Jeweller, I'm now able to start writing again.
So, Retail Jeweller was a really great experience; I got to do some writing both for the site and the magazine, put faces to names and meet some new ones as each day passed. Yesterday my copy of the July issue - the one I worked on - came in the post and it was a great feeling to see my name in print. I might just take Sarah, Frances and Rachael up on their offer of going back...!

Back to the jewellery, then. The last few weeks, with SS09 in full swing, new designers and new summer-inspired jewellery has hit the shops. Of these I've been excited by Kabiri's new arrival, Lauralaura, whose fabric-covered bangles are a step above those on ASOS and in Accessorize.

Large 'Painter' and medium 'Meadow' fabric-covered bangles by Lauralaura. Images courtesy of Kabiri

I'm a bit of a florals fan, or should I say I'm a fan of anything where a lot of colours are clashing in an unusual pattern. So Lauralaura's bangles are definitely on my wishlist come pay day!

At the opposite end of the scale, I've fallen totally in love with Tom Rucker's platinum Geo collection. His pieces have been displayed in-store at EC One's Exmouth Market branch for the past couple of weeks, in an ongoing exhibit since Coutts London Jewellery Week. Tom's German roots are evident in his work; the pieces in the Geo collection are laser-welded, demanding hours of work from Tom but creating truly unique pieces. I especially love the Geo Galaxy platinum earrings, and the Wired Moon rings, below. Stunning.

Geo Moon gent's ring and Geo Galaxy earrings, both in platinum by Tom Rucker. Images courtesy of Tom Rucker

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