Sunday, 6 September 2009

Theme: Acrylic Treats

Ever since I first discovered Tatty Devine back in the early 2000s, I've always had a bit of a thing for acrylic jewellery. The material's versatility makes it great for laser cutting even the most complicated of designs, while maintaining an air of affordability and novelty.

Of course, you can find acrylic jewellery just about anywhere now; Topshop, Claire's Accessories... It's hit the high street big time, no doubt due to its colourful, fast fashion malleability and the fact that, whether you're 15 or 35, you're bound to find something acrylic which appeals.

Down at @Work on Brick Lane, there's a great selection of quirky acrylic jewellery, featuring animals perhaps less obvious in jewellery design. Forget birds, bees and dogs - how about a camel or goat? Maybe even a whole circus... Jewellery graduate Marie Liddell's Haberdash House label is home to the beauties, below.

Black acrylic camel necklace on gold plated chain, by Marie Liddell. Image courtesy of @Work

Red acrylic circus necklace, by Marie Liddell. Image courtesy of Hannah Zakari

Online boutique Wolf and Moon also specialise in acrylic designs, this time a little more detailed and certainly aimed at a particular market. I have to thank my boss, Jos, for showing me Wolf and Moon's designs - I adore the chair, below, in a fresh peach acrylic. And who can resist their namesake wolf and moon brooch? Not me, or my boyfriend... and certainly not those hip young things wondering east London wearing something like this.

Peach acrylic chair necklace, by Wolf and Moon. Image courtesy of Wolf and Moon

Black wolf and silver moon brooch, by Wolf and Moon. Image courtesy of Wolf and Moon

 A quick glance at Tatty Devine reveals an exciting new AW collection, complete with mitten earrings, pierrot clowns (my favourite!) and mother-of-pearl button designs, inspired by London's Pearly Kings and Queens. Luckily Tatty Devine's ever-expanding 'Best of...' section contains all of the pieces synonymous with their style, from their earlier plectrum collection, right up last year's Lolita-inspired heart shaped sunglasses necklaces. Here are two classics...

Pink acrylic cat bangle, by Tatty Devine. Image courtesy of Tatty Devine

Gold dinosaur acrylic necklace, made from individual 'bones', by Tatty Devine. Image courtesy of Tatty Devine

Finally, because I've seen acrylic heart rings, faux diamond rings and farm animal rings (which are, I admit, cute), I can easily say Inca Starzinsky's designs are something else. I first found them in Magma Books' lifestyle and homeware shop in Covent Garden and every time I wander past, I find it  rather hard not to have a quick peek. Her pieces are inspired by the making of hand-shadow animals, and each ring box contains instructions to help you make them yourself. So fun!

Black acrylic hand-shadow animal rings, by Inca Starzinsky. Image courtesy of Magma Books


  1. some of the best acrylic jewellery i've seen is the pantone range you can get at the tate modern - swatches of pantone colours labelled with a relevant art movement, made into chunky bracelets/brooches etc.

    *ooh* just looked it up and of course it is a tatty devine creation

  2. really awesome teh rings!!