Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A little something... Stephen Webster Mosquito Ring

So tomorrow - apparently - will see the launch of a limited edition mosquito ring by cult British jewellery designer Stephen Webster. Though he is making an impressive white gold, ruby and black diamond version (below), a silver replica will be available on, meaning all of us jewellery lovers can have a slice of the action. The silver version is likely to sell out within hours; it's £50 price tag makes it a hundreth of the price of a typical Webster Crystal Haze ring, most of which retail up to £5,500.

18ct black rhodium plated white gold Mosquito ring, set with cabachon rubies and black and white diamonds. 
By Stephen Webster, for Malaria No More UK.

Of course, beyond its recession-busting price tag, there's an important message here. Proceeds from the rings go towards Malaria No More UK, a charity dedicated to protecting African children from Malaria. Each £50 sale buys 10 mosquito nets - enough to protect 20 children for five years.

Black rhodium plated silver ring, set with red and white crystals. 
By Stephen Webster for Malaria No More UK, at

My love/hate relationship with Webster and his various designs means that this little venture has put him in my good books for the next few weeks. Which is good, as I'm involved in a launch party for his silver Jewels Verne collection at the end of October - something I am in fact rather excited about!

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  1. I love this ring it sold so quickly. Good news though its back on sale at ASOS! The perfect gift for christmas . . . and your helping a fantastic charity Malaria No More UK!