Saturday, 24 October 2009

A little something: Tatty Devine Magpie Rings

From the first time I saw them, I've loved Tatty Devine's Magpie rings. So when I was handed a little black and silver box on my birthday last week, I was super pleased it was them! At last, my own pair of the pretty black Magpie rings, picked up from their Brick Lane shop.

Black Magpie rings

My favourite bird is the Magpie, the Pica Pica, elegant blue-green and black, deft, inquisitive and sociable. Superstition suggests it's unlucky to see a single Magpie, and I love that Rosie and Harriet at Tatty Devine have whimsically picked up this. Anyway, why wear one ring, when you can have two?!

An alternative knuckle duster??

As new additions to the jewellery box, there could be some rivalry between the birds and their fellow Tatty Devine Cat ring... So I've ensured the red Heart ring stays somewhere in the middle!

White acrylic Cat ring, red acrylic Heart ring and pair of black Magpie rings, all by Tatty Devine


  1. Who bought you these?

  2. My boyfriend. He's also a little Tatty obsessed!