Saturday, 3 April 2010

Designer: Coco Kato

I've been wiling away the hours recently with lots of books; something I go through phases with. I might not read for six months, and then consume 5 or 6 books in half that time. The one I'm reading at present - Brooklyn by Colm Toibin - is the beautifully written story of Eilis, a young girl who leaves her small Irish home town for 1950s America. She lands a job in an Italian clothing store, where the customers, their clothes, those worn by her sister and her housemates are all richly described. As a result, I keep thinking back to Madame Bovary, a book which delights in detailing the silks, lace, embroidery and fine leathers which Emma Bovary finds herself insatiably drawn to...

Flowering Pearl necklace, by Coco Kato. Image courtesy of Coco Kato

So in a round about way, this brings me to Coco Kato (aka Ikuko Kato), a London-based designer who uses silks and fabrics in her jewellery to create elegant, playful and versatile pieces that you could probably spend hours just touching, running through your fingers and ultimately admiring. A little reminiscent of those Degas paintings...

Flowering Pearl necklace, with silk ribbon and Japanese pearls, by Coco Kato. Image courtesy of Coco Kato.

Flowering Basket hoop earring, made with silk and Japanese pearl.s Image courtesy of Coco Kato.

Flowering Pearl necklace in grey and sky blue, with white Japanes pearls. Image courtesy of Coco Kato.

Ikuko's use of pearls exemplifies her Japanese heritage and upbringing, adding to the sugary sweetness of her work. Her use of mixed materials and has won her the accolade of ‘Designer of the Year’ from the Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo. Perfect with a pastel dress, but no doubt just as fabulous with old Converse and a grey jersey tee...

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