Sunday, 25 April 2010

A little something: Jewellery By Boe

Today has been a lazy day, so today will be a quick blog post to fit with my mood. Strangely it's been the London Marathon which means for many, their day has been the entire opposite of mine. Back to the jewellery however, I'm finally writing having spotted By Boe's jewellery a few weeks back and then noticing it crop up in a few magazines. So long overdue, here's a brief account of all things gorgeous from this American jewellery designer

Founded in 2000, By Boe is a jewellery collection by Annika and Philipe Salame, originally made and sold in Annika's workshop in New York's Upper East Side, and today found the world over. Mixing Annika and Philipe's Scandinavian roots with a love for architecture, Saudi Arabian dressmaking and Parsons educations, their designs are quirky, dainty and very covetable indeed.

Made in sterling silver and 14ct gold fill (silver with a fine layer of gold rolled over the top), the jewellery is the most affordable I have seen for a time, but of course that's not everything. The styling is simple - bows, circles, squares, knots, alphabet letters, flowers and chains. It's super delicate but perfect for layering up - pretty much everything the jewellery in New York has been about recently, and something I've noticed has crossed the pond to London. 

I'm not a big earrings person, but By Boe's are - like the rest of their designs - wearable. Whether bridal or day wear, the shapes are everything. Simple studs or daring, lengthy drop earrings, I could probably have any of these and be happy! Shop in the UK at Red Ruby Rouge - I'll be keeping an eye out for most stockists, for sure!


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