Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Designer: Polli Australia

So you might have picked up on my animal obsession..? Favourites include whippets, daschunds, tapirs, most of the corvid family, cats in all forms... and many, many more beyond... I'm also a sucker for helping out any little bug or spider who's trapped, often shouting 'Don't kill it!!' even if it is a monster house spider or ugly Bluebottle. Recently thinking I was coming to the aid of a little black beetle in my bath, I sadly realised I was in fact saving a bit of sock fluff from in-between the boyf's toes. That'll learn me...

Maja Rose and Tess Lloyd, the designer behind Polli

So again, in a brilliantly round-about way, this brings me to the stunning animal jewels of Polli, an Australian design duo who make in stainless steel and silver. Taking influence from Danish and Japanese paper cut-outs, Polli's necklaces and earrings catch the light in a way which shows off the simple yet detailed etched designs. And although animals aren't the only thing on their roster (Terraced house necklace, anyone? Bow earrings?), there are some real treats...

The Lyre Bird earrings got me smiling - recalling that brilliant David Attenborough video - as did the sausage dog necklace. Cute, cute, cute! Available in London at the Southbank Centre shop and at Brighton's Silverado.
'Lyre Bird' earrings. Image courtesy of polli.com.au

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