Friday, 1 October 2010

Jewellery Street-Style at Bestival

I know, I know. Quite a weird idea considering it was a festival and (oops) almost a month ago! But here's a little round up of some of the gorgeous gals'n'jewels at Bestival this year.  With over 50,000 attendees and its annual fancy dress party taking on a 'Year of the Fantastic' theme, there were so many tremendous looks going on - big necklaces, loads of bangles - that it took me a while to choose who to approach and ask to photograph their jewellery. My highlight had to have been spotting a girl wearing a gorgeous white gold Ungar & Ungar floral ring amidst all the mud; I started asking her all about it and probably scared her half to death getting all technical. Poor thing... Anyway meet Bisi, Elly, Sophie and two other girlies from Guildford whose names I never got. Fabulous.

Bisi - 25, Bristol
Bisi rocked the 'stacked' look with faux leather and chain bracelets from Swedish fashion retailer BikBok - a great high street find!

Elly - 23, London
Keeping things simple Elly's bespoke silver name necklace caught my eye, as did her dusky rose quartz ring from Portobello Market. Love its detailed setting.

Sophie - 22, London
Sophie's jewellery style is cute and quirky, mixing her 'S' wax-seal pendant with a crawling soldier necklace from Topman.

Girl from Guilford 1
Firstly, the ice cream totally made this look - but her striking glam-goth black feather necklace is actually a Primark steal!

Girl from Guildford 2
LOVED this outfit - cute shorts, amazing sunglasses. I spotted her from about 30ft away and ran over to take her pic. The necklace itself is entirely hand-beaded and from Afghanistan.

P.S. Me in my 'fantastical' home-made butterfly costume. Really works with wellies, no?!

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