Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A little something: Elisa Solomon jewellery

Cute cute cute. Having another little browse at Cat Bird recently I spotted a delicate black diamond ring by Elisa Solomon; checking out more of her work I was hit with a real sense of the 1960s; flower power and free love, cute handmade rings with multicoloured gemstones and playful shapes.

Think butterflies, hearts, daisy garlands. In fact, reading more about Elisa and her style, she explains "[my] designs reflect the pure belief in love, freedom and kindness of the 60s... These symbols are a subtle reminder of what is important to focus on in daily life". Though she's based in New York (and our nearest stockist is in France!) I can definitely see the appeal this side of the pond. Looks like I'm feeding my sapphire addiction again... Oops!

Silver Butterfly ring set with pink and orange sapphires

Yellow gold Peace necklace set with multicoloured gemstones include sapphires, garnets, emeralds, aquamarine and iolite

Yellow gold Heart ring set with sapphires and turquoise gemstones

Yellow gold Moon pendant set with pearls, rose-cute diamonds and opals (my birthstone!)

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