Thursday, 2 December 2010

Alex Monroe's 12 Days of Christmas

What a lovely idea! After hearing on the grapevine what Alex Monroe and co had planned for the run up to Christmas I was super excited to see the beginning two days of Alex Monroe's 12 Days of Christmas advent calendar. Playing on the classic song but switching a few of the details around, the little AM workshop have been super busy putting together an ascending number of goodies in their 'trunk show' style. That is, when the pieces are gone, they're gone; making them even more must-have. The first day was of course a Partridge in a Pear Tree necklace. And not just any old necklace; it featured a solid 18t gold Pear, its chain draped over a handmade silver tree, complete with fallen golden pear.

And the second day...? Two Turtle Doves necklace, perched on a little branch in gold plated silver. Sold out of course...

I really cannot wait to see what will happen over the next ten days. What will Nine Ladies Dancing be?! At least we're safe guessing about Five Gold Rings though, eh?


  1. I love this idea so much!
    Can't wait for eleven rabbits running and ten secrets sharing :)

  2. Love the little birds sitting on the branch, adorable!
    Rianna xxxxx

  3. Fab idea! Is there somewhere we can see the pieces for the rest of the days of Christmas? I visited the link but only a white page loaded.

  4. Hi Maisie!
    Unfortunately Alex has now take down the page and it looks as though most of the pieces have now sold out. They included some gorgeous things though - little silver teapots, sold gold hen necklaces, little gemstone rings, rabbit necklaces, silver keys...
    There are a few more details on his blog here:


  5. Thanks Kathryn :) Will take a peek x