Monday, 20 February 2012

Designer: Rachel Entwistle

Spooky, kooky but also elegant, Rachel Entwistle's jewellery caught my eye last September at IJL. I wandered past her stand and did a double take - something she says is a classic reaction to her arachnid and entymology-inspired jewels. At first glance they appear to be sweeping silver, oxidised and vintage chains with an air of Deco but a closer look reveals little spiders, ants, bats and beetles crawling their way up the chains.

Though Entwistle's style was led by themes of flora and fauna in past collections, her newest ranges (Arachne, Formica and Chiroptera - of course) take the darker side of what's to be found in your garden and injects them with some beauty. It's a bit like shaking up the pretty-pretty side of what Alex Monroe has become known for. But the differences exist; Entwistle uses vintage chains from old pieces of jewellery and has also spent a great deal of time working overseas in Mexico and Nicaragua, teaching jewellery making to orphans. What a nice touch.

Formica ant bracelet
Arachne long black spider earrings
Arachne black spider multichain necklace

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