Monday, 27 February 2012

A little something: Rosita Bonita leather necklaces

So it's Monday again! But at least (after the weekend's gorgeous weather) it can still be a sunny one, thanks in part to these multicoloured leather neckpieces by Rosita Bonita. They're new arrivals at EC One, where I have been helping out for the past few weeks, and also happen to be a new entry on my jewellery wishlist.

Rowena Harrison (aka Rosita Bonita) founded her jewellery brand in 2009, a few years after graduating from an illustration degree at Camberwell College of Art. Roses, hummingbirds, fruit, winged hearts, horseshoes and evil eyes feature throughout her work among a range that also includes earrings and brooches. For the more daring she also designs nipple tassles, but here's me and Rosy keeping things a little more covered up with some neckpieces (for the time being, least..!)

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