Sunday, 22 November 2009

A little something: Lego Man Necklace

Oh to be six again! Spending many, many afternoons building Lego castles/houses/stables those little bricks are ingrained in my memory. Digging into the Lego box for a 'two-er' or a 'one-er' to fill those little gaps in the walls, and - most importantly of all - inhabiting the real estate I'd crafted with lego men, so it wasn't just a building with little green-shuttered windows and a yellow front door.

That's why I'm loving Swank's Lego men necklaces. Not sure what or who the chap below is meant to be (boyf says Michael Schumacher perhaps??), but he's wearing a red leather jacket, fetching helmet and aviators; as far as Lego men go, I don't think you don't get much cooler...

Red Lego Man necklace, by Swank at Hannah Zakari. Image courtesy of

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