Sunday, 29 November 2009

Designer: Karen Walker Jewellery

I discovered Karen Walker's jewellery in an Australian magazine called Rushh at my lovely friend Holly's house a few weeks back. A quirky advert caught my eye, featuring some of the images below, so I thought it would be great to introduce her here...

Skull, Daisy and Peace necklaces, by Karen Walker 


Tiny Skull ring, by Karen Walker

As a fashion, jewellery and accessories designer based in New Zealand, Karen's pieces take inspiration from a range of jaunty female icons, including Woody Allen's Annie Hall, and John Hughes' Allison Reynolds... The result is a collection which falls nicely into the style I adore; cute bits and bobs, random charm-like pendants (robots, lion's heads, rockets), while her gorgeous adverts make the designs even more irresistible. She also makes sweet little studs (think bows, skulls etc.), and chunkier bracelets and pearl designs. Big thanks to Murray at Showroom22, Auckland, for the snaps.

Robot, Military Star and Heart & Arrow Necklaces, by Karen Walker

Crab and Anchor Necklaces, by Karen Walker 


  1. How hot is the porcelain figure/jewellery combo?!

  2. I know! They helped me fall for pretty much everything Karen does! I love them, makes me think of grandmother's mantlepiece!