Saturday, 7 November 2009

Theme: Autumnal Jewellery

Following a blustery old week (walking home Sunday morning in pouring rain after Hallow'een being a highlight) the leaves on the trees are now leaves on the ground, squidgy and slippery but perfect for the squirrels in Bethnal Green Gardens who appear to take great pleasure in high speed foraging under, below and through great piles of leaves. Anyhow, while I put my Autumnwatch-obsessed self to one side, I've been on the hunt for some Autumn themed jewellery. Here are a few choice pieces...

Sterling silver Acorn pendant, by Laura Tabor. Image courtesy of


Sterling silver fallen Maple Leaf necklace, by Alex Monroe. Exclusively at EC One

Gold plated brass Jay earrings, with blue chalcedony stones, by David Aubrey. Image courtesy of

Cheeky glitter Fox pendant, by Lady Luck Rules OK, image courtesy of

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