Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Designer: Melanie Eddy

Where usually I spend my time cooing over charms and trinkets with tiny details and quirks, I'm rather taken with Melanie Eddy's geometric, bold pieces. It's jewellery which gives the wearer confidence, better still, speaks of their existing confidence.

Geometric Silver Bangle and stone-set and plain Gold Rings, both by Melanie Eddy

Melanie herself trained as a goldsmith in Bermuda before moving to London to study jewellery design at CSM, where she graduated in 2007. Her jewellery is described as 'sculptural', 'a tool to explore the relationship of form to the body'. The latter makes sense; there's something a little erotic about her work, a little risque. Maybe it's just me, but there's definitely something about the image, below...

Gold Plated Silver Ring, by Melanie Eddy

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