Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A little something: My vintage jewels featured on Adorn London

Last week Juliet from Adorn London got in touch to ask whether I could send through some photos and a bit of history about my favourite pieces of vintage jewellery for Adorn's vintage fortnight. I had a few choices; the first - my Mum's amazing charm bracelet - was all the way back home in Bath... but then I remembered my lovely silver ingot 'handed-down' (sneakily lifted) from my Mum's jewels, but now a regular feature around my neck on its long heavy-weight chain.

My Mum's silver ingot from 1977

The other favourite of mine is my great-Grandmother's wedding ring, made in a beautifully warm 22ct gold. You can read the little histories about both pieces on the Adorn London site here. Some great pieces from the other contributors, too, especially Lucy's Christian Dior coin necklace and Suzi's engraved silver cuff.

My great-Grandmother's 22ct gold ring from 1948

Monday, 21 June 2010

A little something: nOir Esme ring

I've been a fan of American jewellery brand nOir for a little while... Mostly because I've been meaning to write a blog post about a particular collection of theirs for months. I really will get around to it soon..! In the meantime, I just spotted this wench-worthy gem - the Esme sword ring. Double fingers rings are a mini obsession of mine at the moment, and this one pretty much ticks every box. Shiver me timbers and yep, pass the rum!

nOir's Esme sword ring Images courtesy of noirjewelry.com

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Alexis Bittar wins Accessory Designer of the Year

A quick post today, as the wonderful Alexis Bittar has won the CFDA award for Accessory Designer of the Year. I'm a bit of an Alexis fan, and although my budget mostly stretches to the more modest of his collections, I'm always in awe of what he does - and was especially pleased to find him in Maia Adam's wonderful Fashion Jewellery book which came out earlier this year.

Alexis with his award. Image courtesy of alexisbittar.com

Wearing a couple of my AB slim lucite bangles
(sorry for the posey pic, was for Adorn London!)

So, a big congrats to Alexis - take a peek at the Alexis Bittar blog for some of his own photos from what looks like a brilliant night.

Alexis and his Dad! Image courtesy of alexisbittar.com

Alexis' date was Iris Apfel. Image courtesy of alexisbittar.com

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Designer: Polli Australia

So you might have picked up on my animal obsession..? Favourites include whippets, daschunds, tapirs, most of the corvid family, cats in all forms... and many, many more beyond... I'm also a sucker for helping out any little bug or spider who's trapped, often shouting 'Don't kill it!!' even if it is a monster house spider or ugly Bluebottle. Recently thinking I was coming to the aid of a little black beetle in my bath, I sadly realised I was in fact saving a bit of sock fluff from in-between the boyf's toes. That'll learn me...

Maja Rose and Tess Lloyd, the designer behind Polli

So again, in a brilliantly round-about way, this brings me to the stunning animal jewels of Polli, an Australian design duo who make in stainless steel and silver. Taking influence from Danish and Japanese paper cut-outs, Polli's necklaces and earrings catch the light in a way which shows off the simple yet detailed etched designs. And although animals aren't the only thing on their roster (Terraced house necklace, anyone? Bow earrings?), there are some real treats...

The Lyre Bird earrings got me smiling - recalling that brilliant David Attenborough video - as did the sausage dog necklace. Cute, cute, cute! Available in London at the Southbank Centre shop and at Brighton's Silverado.
'Lyre Bird' earrings. Image courtesy of polli.com.au

Monday, 14 June 2010

Nicholas King & Fiona Paxton Evening at EC One

So, here they are - a collection of lovely snaps from last week's designer event at EC One, celebrating the new collections from Nicholas King and Fiona Paxton. The shop was buzzing on the night, with a lovely mix of customers and fellows bloggers trying and buying - I had a quick chat with Fiona from Save Our Shoes, who bought some of Nicholas' flat Crown Bangles (as featured in my Spikes and Studs post last year), going on my promise that they glow under UV light. Good reason for sure!

 I know, I'm such a geek..! With my two Nicholas King Crown bangles

Fiona's gorgeous rail of necklaces

Fellow blogger Becky modelling Nicholas' Diamante Knot cuff

It was great to see the new pieces by Fiona, too. I 'modelled' her Trent necklace on the night - a gorgeous silver- and gunmetal-tone chainmail necklace, which hung in what I can only describe as 'swathes' around the neck. EC One's Maia modelled the studded Geneva necklace, while my favourite piece by Fiona had to be her Dolly necklace in silver and black, funnily enough modelled on EC One's own 'Dolly' mannequin!

 Maia in the Geneva necklace

The Dolly necklace

Nicholas' brilliant pieces also caused a stir, with ladies clamouring to try on his heavy cuffs. The real winners were definitely the Diamante Flower cuff, below, and the classic Diamante Knots in both clear resin and black-based resin. Find more photos on the EC One facebook page.

Ladies trying on Nicholas' Diamante Knot and Diamante Flower cuffs, more styles below

Nicholas and Fiona's array of work

Sunday, 13 June 2010

A little something... Michal Lerman necklace

I walk past Wolf & Badger on London's Ledbury Road twice a day - to and from work - and still find myself yet to go in. Still, the store's concept of more or less renting shelf space to designers is forward-thinking and means the products are ever-evolving and fresh. Having a little nose on the Wolf & Badger site today, I spotted the 'Abanico' necklace by Michal Lerman. Made from gold plated silver, this striking necklace mimics an unfurled fan, while also looking a little like a clowns ruff. Make sure you check our Michal's 'Afrodita' hoops, too. <3

Friday, 11 June 2010

Like Gold Dust has a little makeover

Regular readers may note that the blog has had a little re-jig and has a new design... pretty eh? There's bound to be a few teething problems with photo sizes etc. etc. but all being good, things will be back to speed shortly. Next up, a post about last night''s Nicholas King & Fiona Paxton evening, and my visit to Treasure!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Nicholas King & Fiona Paxton evening at EC One

Next week is London Jewellery Week which, as I'm sure you'd imagine, is quite big on my calendar. On Thursday 10th I'm heading to EC One jewellery in Clerkenwell, a stones throw from Hatton Garden and the hub of the action at Treasure in Holborn. EC One will be hosting an evening for two designers still new(ish) on the scene but already making big waves.

Nicholas King designs chunky, yummy cuffs and bangles in resin, which are handcarved and shaped meaning each one is a little bit different. The quirk, however, is that inside the resin are submerged treasures from diamante knots, to old watch faces, sequins and ribbons. The effect from the shaped resin is almost like looking at a Bridget Riley - it has to be seen to be believed.

Fiona Paxton's jewellery nods to ancient beadworking skills, played out in contemporary styles. She'll be showcasing her new collection at EC One; it's futuristic, a little bit tribal and a little bit deco. I love her spikey beaded 'Jess' collar and the chain tassles which are a theme across her necklaces and earrings. They shimmer and shake as you move which makes wearing them with jeans a tshirt (to which they're actually really suited!) immediately glamorous.

Check out my attempt at modelling Fiona's Berlin earring at work the other day... Aaah!!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

A little something: New month, new philosophy

The poor girl has to put up with me at work most days, but Lindsay Pearson is an absolute gem of a girl, and luckily for me creates jewels which I looooove! Soon to grace my neck will be Lindsay's 'YES' necklace. A word so short yet so positive, on a pendant so simple that wearing it everyday is pretty much guaranteed. you see, good things only happen when you say yes...

Keep an eye on Like Gold Dust for me announcing her new website launch, or read more or Lindsay's blog