Saturday, 22 January 2011

Like Gold Dust video - Merle O'Grady 'Navette' necklace

So here goes... My first ever video for LGD. It's an unedited, filmed-in-my-bedroom cracker of a first attempt, and I'm really pronouncing my words haha. I'm sure things will improve along the way! Anyway, enough about the filming, press play and watch my brief introduction to Merle O'Grady's lovely Navette pendant, from her SS11 Poolside collection. This beauty is made from sterling silver, howlite, Swarovski crystal and perspex. Lovely!

ps. I picked Merle as one of my 'ones to watch' for Adorn London earlier this month. Have a read here.


  1. You and the necklace both look very pretty! Video blogging is such a good idea. Made me think of this article I read recently about how the good old cv and cover letter job app will soon be replaced with online video feeds of people kind of selling/promoting themselves. Anyway, great job! xx

  2. Thanks lovely! Weird to think that isn't it...? But it will be prob be very normal in a year or two!
    Hope the wedding blog is going well... I love the instalment feel to it! x