Monday, 24 January 2011

A little something: Pebble's rough-cut citrine ring

OK, so I know it's only Janaury, but I am in a summer bubble of excitement at work today, seeing the amazing things we've picked up from a recent trip to Pebble. The colours are good enough to eat and the gemstones are shimmering away. There is lapis, prehnite, aquamarine, coral, labradorite, moonstone, dyed jade, chalcedony... Then I spotted this AMAZING ring - the kind of mad thing I fall very hard for. I grabbed our camera, took a few snaps et voila. Pebble's rough-cut citrine ring. Luckily it's far too big for me, but I look forward to seeing which colourful (and very lucky) lady snaps this badboy up. <3


  1. Burnt sugar. Looks painful. Stunning statement, you could really do some damage. ;)

  2. Nice! I have an amethyst ring a bit like that - I loves it!