Friday, 13 January 2012

A little something: Rings by Brazen Studios

I was having a lovely chat about engagement rings earlier on with Sarah Raffel, the founder and director of Brazen Studios in Glasgow, for a piece I'm writing at work. The subject also touched on commissions, which always intrigue me.

I guess it's just the way that people get so thrilled (even those of us who think we don't have a creative bone in our body) being able to let their imagination run wild a bit. They soon realise that they can help create something beautiful that is all their own. It makes me think: just open your favourite childhood book, watch your favourite film, trawl through your wardrobe, think about that inspiring photograph or colourful piece of art and realise what's 'you'.

All of this is what brings a commission together and is something that Sarah actively encourages, creating visual briefs - mood boards of sorts - for each of her commissioning customers. One came to her with a page of architecture, full of Art Nouveau designs and unusual gothic ceilings and cornices. Bet you can guess which one of these it was. Utterly lovely.

Marianne ring: green tourmaline ring set in 18ct yellow gold and palladium
Nouveau ring: 18ct red gold, palladium, brown diamond, white diamonds
Margo ring: 18ct red gold, pink sapphires, amethyst

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