Friday, 6 January 2012

A little something: Shourouk x Swarosvki Crystallized

I first saw these necklaces in Grazia a couple of months back, pre-Christmas, and completely fell for them. Swarosvski's collaborations with jewellery and fashion designers keeps getting better and these are right on the money. I loved the combination of neon - something common in Shourouk's crystal and mixed-material embellished pieces - and the floral designs. The fact that the strings look like the kind of laces I used to put into my trainers as a kid makes me smile. The collection is that perfect mix of sparkly and edgy, something to match with an old band t-shirt and beaten up Converse or as a bit of glitter with a simple jersey dress. Dreamy... as are the rest of Shourouk's designs. Check out her Phoenix Alabaster necklace and more gorgeous treats here.

Necklaces by Shourouk for Swarovski
Image courtesy of Swarovski

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