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UK Jewellery Awards - Winners 2010

So after several months of judging and preparation the UK Jewellery Awards took place on Thursday at London's Grovesnor House Hotel. There was a rather star-studded line up at this year's awards, with familiar names and past winners including Shaun Leane, Stephen Webster, Astley Clarke and Alex Monroe, alongside new names and brands who've either had phenomenal years or have a promising future ahead...

Video from the 2009 Jewellery Awards, featuring Retail Jeweller's previous editor Sarah Carpin

So, here are the most interesting winners - some were certainly surprising, but nonetheless deserved.

Jewellery Etailer of the Year - Alex Monroe -
We all love Alex (even my Mum got treated to some lovely Hummingbird earrings a few months ago) so the award was deserved, despite being up against heavyweights including Astley Clarke and Steffans. The site has come on leaps and bounds this last year, their customer interaction is brilliant and the amount of product online is great. A little well done to the lovely Emma at Alex Monroe, and Alex himself who cycled Lands End - John O'Groats, arriving at JoG the night before the awards!

Alex... well you know where he is!


Jewellery Brand of the Year - Ti Sento
The word 'brand' will always make me shudder unfortunately, so I don't have much to say on this one. Ti Sento's campaign this year has been ubiquitous, they've featured in pretty much ever issue of Retail Jeweller that's come through my letterbox. Stephen Webster not taking the prize home, as a British brand, is a shame but it's great that a new winner has taken centre stage. And hey, at least Pandora didn't win..!

New Designer of the Year -Alexander Davis
A talented fine jewellery designer, Alexander Davis has some rather interesting rings, mixing up shapes and gemstones for an interesting effect. Unusual cuts are a big part of his work, and a background in science and engineering add to the fine lines and sculptural forms. The DNA-like ring, below, is real showstopper. Great to see some other up-and-coming designers in this category, including La Diosa, FSA and the dazzling Lauren Adriana.

Rings for Alexander Davis' 'Dendritic' Collection.
Images courtesy of

Designer of the Year - Shaun Leane
Oh Shaun. Here you are again! He's becoming a British institution when it comes to the Jewellery Awards and really with Sarah Herriot, Alex Monroe and Bobby White all vying for the prize, it's surprising that a different name didn't take it home. Shaun's Cherry Blossom collection really sums up his style - pretty yet edgy - and has been highly coveted during 2010. I do look forward to seeing with what he comes up with next...
Ring and earrings from Shaun Leane's 'Cherry Blossom' collection.
Image courtesy of

PS. The official photos haven't been released yet, but when they do I'll put some up

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